Friday, December 10, 2021

Christmastime is for Giving

Santa’s running around town "sleigh" requires gasoline instead of reindeer power.  A couple of nights ago as I was driving home from a party appearance, I noticed a gas station and decided I had better fill up my "sleigh."  

I got out in full costume and a man shouted, “Hey Santa!” and came running over to me.  Before I could put my card in the gas pump machine, he stepped in front of me and put his card in and put "prepay $20 on the machine.  As I thanked him, he smiled and said, “Merry Christmas Santa!” and went
back to his truck and drove away.  

I smiled to think there was still Christmas spirit like this in the world today.  Anyone can be like Santa - even to Santa.  

Giving is the spirit of Christmas.