Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Prayer With Santa

I was at a Challenger School doing one of three days worth of Santa appearances there.  As I walked in, beside the Secretary's desk was a sickroom and I looked in and saw a little girl laying on the bed.  I was in full Santa garb so when she saw me she waved, and Santa’s heart (as always around children) melted.  I went to her and pulling a candy cane out of my belt asked her what was wrong, to which she replied, “I'm not feeling too well today. My stomach is sick.”  

I thought I'd take this moment to take her mind off of her pain and ask her what she wanted for Christmas.  She told me the usual – dollies, Barbies, etc.  I was getting ready to leave when she said, “Santa I would feel a lot better if you would say a prayer with me.”  I told her I would be happy to hear one from her.  So she closed her eyes and bowed her head and she offered up a heartfelt prayer which could only could come from a sick little girl.  In it she said, “Heavenly Father, I'm not feeling well right now. But Santa came to visit me and I know that because Santa is here and praying with me, that I will feel better.  Please help me to feel better. Amen.”  A sweet spirit filled the room as she finished her prayer. 

I wished her a Merry Christmas and as I got up to leave I handed her a candy cane.  She laid back and looking at her mom who was in the room with her said, “I will be okay now because Santa came and said a prayer with me.”  I don't know whose eyes were more moist, the mother’s or mine.

Sometimes being Santa brings amazing moments.

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