Tuesday, December 6, 2022

The True Meaning of Christmas

Santa does lots of visits and gives out lots of gifts during the Christmas holiday, but sometimes I am called on to do special deliveries.  On this night, after visiting a church group I was asked to deliver a Secret Santa package.  My instructions were to say it was from “a friend” and I was given two phone numbers and asked to text each one that “Santa was on his way.”  I was given a bag and inside was an envelope (a fairly fat envelope) with an address on it and a small wrapped present.

About 10 minutes before I arrived I pulled off the road and sent the first number the text.  Then about 5 minutes later I pulled over and sent a text to the second number.  The first number texted me back, “Who is this?” 

I pulled up in front of an older looking house which I could see was in need of some repairs and a new paint job.  I knocked on the door and the man who answered was wearing older worn clothes and beyond him I saw one folding chair and a woman in a wheelchair in the front room.

“Merry Christmas,” I said. “This is from a friend.”  Then I handed him the bag.  The man was befuddled and didn’t know what to say, but managed to say, “Thanks.”

I hadn’t gotten very far down the street when I received a text from the lady that said, “Thank you so much, Santa. You made our Christmas very merry!”

I sent the text on to the person who had sent me, and they responded that is why they did it, and I told him that he had found the true meaning of Christmas.

It's amazing to be part of the Christmas Spirit!

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