Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sometimes Santa Needs a Hand

This morning I had a GREAT Santa visit at the Sandy Library.  The children were great!  Lots of kids and even several parents got their pictures taken with me.  I had finished and was on my way out to my car when my head Elf told me she had locked the keys in the car.  I did not have a spare.  I laughed as she called a locksmith to help us out, or I should say to help us in to the car.  Well I now had a choice (as a 6'6" Santa does stick out a bit), I could either try to hide while we waited, or I could just sit out in front of the library on a bench and make the best of it.  Well, I didn't really have much choice as several children spotted me and ran over to visit with me, so I settled for the bench idea.  About 20 children came and we took pictures and they told me what they wanted for Christmas.  Finally the locksmith from Wally's Lock & Key came.  My Elf had not told him I was Santa, so he and his wife got a kick out of unlocking "Santa's Sleigh."

Thank goodness for those who can help Santa.  Thanks Wally & Mrs. Wally!

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