Saturday, December 19, 2015

Children, the Magic of Christmas

I was doing a number of appearances at a local daycare this week. The kids would sing for their families then I would come in, bells ringing and do a magic trick for them. After this we would do a class picture, then I would hand out candy canes and wish them a merry Christmas. 

On one day as I sat down for the class picture, a younger sister of one of the kids in the class came up and climbed on my lap. The mom came quickly and got her. 

We got ready for the class picture when up she came again climbing on my lap. She was determined to talk to SANTA! I asked them to wait for a minute and I asked her what she wanted for Christmas.  She happily told me she wanted a Disney Dolly. She gave me a hug and returned to her seat (to a loud "awwwww" from the crowd.)

Children are the true Magic of Christmas.

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