Friday, December 18, 2015

Santa is Your Friend

I had the opportunity to be Santa for a local library today. I was sitting there with children and families coming by telling me what they wanted for Christmas and posing for pictures. I had a young teenage girl come up. She was staring at her feet. Her mother was smiling and talking brightly to her. 

She sat on my lap and let her mom and take her picture. Then I asked her what she wanted for Christmas. She stared at the floor and I heard a sniffle. As a tear fell and hit my boot she quietly said "to go with you to the North Pole." A little startled and concerned, I asked her why. She responded, "because people are nice there." I lifted her chin and told her I was sorry, but no human had ever been there. She sniffle and said "OK." I quickly told her, "Remember that Mrs. Claus and I love you and we will always be your friends." To this she started to sob and placed her head on my shoulder.

She cried for about a minute and the library helper and her mother came forward to get her. I raised my hand to stop them. After a bit she stopped and said, "thanks Santa." I told her again that Santa loved her and she left with a smile on her face.  I never found out what had bothered her so much, but she seemed to appreciate me telling her that I loved her which touched my heart.

Santa is a friend to everyone.

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