Friday, December 18, 2015

My "Scott Calvin" Moment

One of my favorite Christmas movies is Disney's "The Santa Clause." And recently I had my own Scott Calvin moment:

Children Know...

I was walking into a store in my plain clothes to do a little Christmas shopping. Now I do not grow a beard or moustache to be Santa since I am a full time magical performer the rest of the year. 

Well a little boy came running up to me yelling "Santa, Santa!" He hugged my leg and called me Santa. His mom quickly came up and got him. "I am sorry! He said you had a Santa belly so he thought you were him." I laughed and told her it was all right. I then asked him if he had been a good boy. He said he had. I told him that I knew Santa and would let him know.

Even when I'm not dressed as Santa, I'm still Santa!

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