Saturday, December 5, 2015

Santa is the Good Guy

Today I was Santa Claus and I made a toddler cry....  Well no, not really - his parents did.  I was Santa for Oakwood Homes in their model home open house.  Benjamin came in with his family to visit Santa, and he walked right up to me and indicated that he wanted up. I picked up this 2 year old little boy and sat him on my knee, and he just sat there.  Not a word did he speak, he just sat there on my lap, happy as you please.  No one else was waiting to see me at the moment, so I did not put him down. I tried to talk to him, but he didn’t respond.  So we just sat there together.

Then the meanest person in the whole world came into the room to remove him from where he was so happy - His Mom!  Oh what screaming and wailing as she took him off my knee. “Snnnaanta help!” was his cry.  Off they went, Benjamin still screaming and reaching out for me, “Snnaanta help!”  Well it finally became quiet, when suddenly from the other room my little friend came running in and LEAPED into my arms.  Not one word did he speak, he just sat there, happy and contented. Then a co-conspirator in the meanness came in and ripped him away from his Snnaanta - his Dad.  The screaming started all over again, but this time, to Santa’s sadness, my little friend was dragged out of the house for good.

It’s fun to be the good guy!

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